On the Beach in Mexico

Sat down under the umbrella

the shade felt good on my face

the sand felt good on my toes

I dug them in and made circles with my feet

A Corona please, with a wedge of lime

and a view of waves rolling in

calming and soothing

then he appeared

and the melody drifted out

above the sound of the waves

and the voices of tourists all around

made me smile

as I sat in the shade on the beach in Mexico

His music is worthy of my dollar


2 thoughts on “On the Beach in Mexico

  1. I am sure you gave your mom joy every day, more than you know. It is difficult for a parent to lose a child because you do feel guilty and yes it is important to focus on the children you have who are alive because they also lose a parent who is mourning so deeply. You mom would want you to be happy.

  2. My brother died at age 21. Growing up, I saw my mum’s eyes were so sad. She beated herself up for “not taking care of my brother’s health, mental health”. She couldn’t believe it, because he was the smartest one, so handsome, so caring. He also played the guitar. He was like a mystery to me, I’ve heard so many of his legacies on what he accomplished. Now, it easy to look back and say “I can do better”, I don’t want to judge my Mum, because she was the greatest mum ever. However, she should have focus on here and now. She should focus on the children that are still alive with her.

    It pains me whenever I thought about how hard she continued to work to put food on the table, and her sadden eyes each year in my brother’s Memorial Day. I wish she could have enjoy life a bit more. I’d do anything to give her a day of joyous, but I can’t give her that as she’s no longer alive.

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