The last crystals lay upon the ground

soon, they will be gone

quenching the thirst of the earth

and a warmer breath

will stir the grass to wake

changes, slowly creeping

we feel it in each ray

that shines down on our faces

as we grow a season older

like the world around us


fall 2013 095


summer2014 058

summer2014 056Picture 091

winter 2012 117

summer2013 037

fall2012 115

Picture 079

autumn 2011 027


autumn 2011 031


2 thoughts on “Seasons

  1. Very Powerful Kathy! Thank you for being brave to share your sorrow. Life. Brings the unexpected. Today your post spoke of that beyond your words. I too write of grief, shared sorrow and suicide. I invite you to my blog. I look forward to sharing the journey of healing! High Five to You! Te’

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