My Small Town, Red Lake, Ontario, Canada

I love my town. Yes, it has its frustrations, such as limited shopping, out-of-town medical trips, having to leave home for education, everyone knows everyone’s business and those who love to gossip. But, it has many more advantages than disadvantages!

It is beautiful!  During the summer, the lake is full of fish, the forest is full of animals, the sky is full of birds. There is a provincial park just down the road. It feels like I live in a park! I don’t have to go too far to be alone, sit on a rock, sit under a tree, sit by the water or sit in a field of daisies. I don’t have to go too far to swim in clean, clear water. It is heaven for boaters, kayakers, canoeists, wake boarders, bikers, joggers, four-wheelers and float planes.

During the winter, the lake is a frozen playground for snowmobilers, ice fishermen, skiers, snowshoers, and a short-cut winter road. I love to walk my dog on the frozen lake! There are trails in the forest to explore, hills to slide down and Christmas trees everywhere.

Everyone says hello, (even the Judge and your family doctor) and takes the time to stop and talk with each other. When someone is going through a difficult situation, there is support and caring and generosity. Red Lakers raise tonnes of money for charities.

Possibly our somewhat isolated location, breeds talent, because we have a lot of talented people: writers, singers, artists, musicians, athletes, a world-famous figure skater  and a Red Bull sponsored pilot.

Okay, enough bragging. You get it.  I love my town.  Sometimes I complain and plan to move away. But then who doesn’t? I am content right now. Focus on the beauty and the beautiful people. I think I’ll go outside and watch the airplanes land on the Bay.

Sun Rise

Sun Rise

loons and planes

loons and planes

My street

My street

A double rainbow

A double rainbow

winter201314 009



5 thoughts on “My Small Town, Red Lake, Ontario, Canada

  1. I’ve lived here for over 25 years and seriously there are no affordable places to live here. Unless you work at the mine or have a high paying job good luck in finding a home to buy or even just libe in. The cheapest rent I’ve seen was 1200$ a month not including extras like hydro etc. It’s no wonder the youth move away and not just because of schooling but for more opportunities and a more adorable lifestyle

    • The housing situation in Red Lake is definitely a frustration that is costing the community a great loss in people as well as financially. There are jobs here but no housing and that is something our municipality has to keep working on. We definitely need affordable housing!

  2. I love Red Lake….Born and raised….though I don’t live there anymore I do miss it and enjoy coming back for a visit or family get togethers. This small community has a lot to offer to outdoor types. I believe Red lake made me or should I say moulded me into who’s I am today….it gave me the values I hold dearly. I live in a small city now but treat everyone with the same values I’ve learned growing up which surprises a lot of my neighbours who were raised in larger cities including my wife who was born and raised in Toronto. So Red Lake to me is and always will be home even if it is in my heart….cheers

    • I was born in Red Lake, but we moved away when I was 4. I’ve only been back a handful of times over the years and yet I still consider Red Lake my hometown 🙂

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