Woodland Caribou Park 2015

Red Lake is in the middle of a beautiful forest with rocks and lakes all around. Just a drive up the road and you can enter Woodland Caribou Park.  You might even see caribou there.  We didn’t see any caribou but I ‘m sure we saw some caribou poop. The road is quite well maintained and on a good day like today, we were able to drive in our little Toyota. It does get narrow and bumpy but if you go slow it’s alright. If it rains you might be in trouble with a Toyota Corolla.

The Bridge

The Bridge

You’ll cross the bridge and if you read my blog, you’ll know that I go there a lot.  It is the river that empties into or from Parker Lake.  If you’ve read my book, This Land, These Waters, you’ll know the significance of that.


Just keep on going, you’ll pass a lot of side roads that go to logging areas, old roads and tourist camp roads. You’ll see a few beaver dams on the way and hopefully they haven’t flooded the road.  They’re always busy.


Johnson Lake is the first lake where you can put your canoe in the water.  I plan to try this later this summer after I practise my paddling around Howey Bay first. It is a beautiful spot.  Trilliums, Ontario’s flower are even there to greet you.








If you’re brave enough to continue on down the road, the next access point to water is Onnie Lake.  The trail from the road to the lake is longer but really cool. On the way to Onnie, you’ll pass the road to Echo Lake Lodge. Again, ehemmm, if you’ve read This Land, These Waters, you’ll know the significance of that place.  It is for sale if you’re interested in owning your own tourist camp.  You can check out their website here at http://www.echolakelodge.com. The owners are Tom and Mitzi Ehr. They’re very nice people.











So there you have it.  That’s as far as we went.  You can go farther to another lake. And I believe if you need gear to go camping or canoeing, you can get all geared up right in Red Lake at a place called Red Lake Outfitters. Check them out at http://www.redlakeoutfitters.com.

Please visit the beautiful outdoors for peace and serenity or fun and excitement.  But, hey, please don’t throw your garbage in the forest. That is not cool. Yuchhh.


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