Around the Bay in the Cedar Canoe

Whenever I look at the cedar canoe I am still overwhelmed with loneliness and happiness.  I miss Ryan so much but I am happy to be able to use the canoe.  I am always amazed that he made this canoe all by himself. It is a thing of beauty.  I enjoyed an early morning ride recently around Howey Bay.  Since that morning, my father has had a mini stroke and is in the hospital incapacitated and I am looking after my mom who has dementia.  As my mother said, “You just don’t know that things can change so suddenly.”  And yes, things are going to change for my parents and for the rest of us in the family.  We were fortunate to have both parents at home in their own home for this long and that my father was able to be caregiver for mom. He is 86 and a half. She is 83. They’ve been together for 63 years plus.

Just to sit in the canoe, smell the fresh morning air, feel the water, hear the birds, is medicine.








Ryan, July 2006

Ryan, July 2006


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