Life Changes

In the blink of an eye! As we know, life is precious and fragile and something we should cherish every day. Sometimes in the moment it doesn’t feel very cherishable, but it will again. And life does not stay the same, we grow older and we prepare for the next journey if we are lucky.

My dad had a stroke over a week ago now. He is still in the hospital and we do not know what the outcome will be. It will not be the same that is for sure. So we have to prepare for the future but still hold on to hope. Hope is such a strong tool to keep you going.

My mom has dementia and is unable to stay alone, so she will need to leave her home that my father built over fifty years ago for his family. I have hope that she will come to live with me but that is undecided at this time. Family members are arriving in Red Lake over the next while to visit and lend support to each other. That is what family is all about.

I am also hopeful that the weather here will warm up a bit and that I can go for a swim. I know that the water is healing.

oldpics 004

Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad

old pics

Red Lake 2012 005

Dad tried fishing

Dad tried fishing



2 thoughts on “Life Changes

  1. So sorry to hear this, Kathy. Life changes indeed. It seems like the first half of life is about establishing ourselves and accumulating things and experiences, and then the last half is about learning to let go of most of it except the love.

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