Life goes on with Chris Daughtry

We had purchased tickets to see Daughtry and Loverboy at Harbourfest this year way back when they first came out. So we went to Kenora, my bff and I, to enjoy ourselves and have a weekend of fun and relaxation.  I have been going non-stop since dad passed away with arrangements and looking after mom.

Daughtry, I have to say was quite fabulous. I had seen him when he was on American Idol and liked him then so it was exciting to see him live.  He actually came in fourth on American Idol!!! But he is doing great in record sales and with his career.  He is a wonderful performer, takes time to shake hands and interact with the audience.  We are welcomed, not treated like gum on the bottom of his shoe!

Had a super incredible time with friends and enjoyed every minute and then…well then back to reality.  Never did make it for the next night’s entertainment of Loverboy, who I so wanted to see.  Yes, I was too worried about leaving my mom at home and hubby was too worried about the dog.  We are losers. Really. My son was totally disgusted with us when we returned.

But this is life.  Mom has alzheimers. Dad is gone. There are still a lot of unknowns ahead. She can’t live alone. If she comes to live with me that will totally confuse her and she will still be alone as I have to work.  There is a waiting list to get in to the “Lodge” here or the “apartment” as we call it. Most elderly people with dementia end up staying at our hospital until there is room at the Lodge. Our hospital does not have the room.

I am afraid that something bad will happen to my mom in the mean time. Why can’t the government spend some more money on our elders? They deserve it.

In the mean time, mom and I will keep going for our walks and drives and checking out the beaver activities.




Only the duck showed up

Only the duck showed up

A beaver Double-Wide

A beaver Double-Wide


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