Reliving a Death with Alzheimers

It’s been a little over a month since Dad left us.  I miss him but I know his death still hasn’t really hit me yet because I am so consumed by my mother’s dementia. It has been difficult for her and I don’t know yet what the future holds.  Will she adjust and continue on or will she totally fall into the abyss?

She is still in her house but the house is for sale and eventually she will have to come and live with me.  There is no room at our long term care facility in Red Lake.  Again, I have to say, “WE NEED MORE ROOMS!”

And I am not the only person who is going through this, I know.  I see the parents of my friends in the hospital waiting for an available room.

My mom called me earlier and asked where my Dad was?  She said she had been waiting for him all day to come home.

I reached and reached

Please grab my hand

hold it in yours

and let me know that you’re there

that you’ll always be

just a reach away

when I hold out my hand

and ask for you

you’ll take it in yours

your big strong hand

and I’ll feel the warmth

and I’ll feel the love

and I’ll know you’re there




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