Visiting the Ancestors

Exciting things are happening. I was recently invited to go with a friend, Kaaren Dannenmann, who is involved in the recording of local burial grounds and the history of the Anishinaape people who lived in this area as well as the Lac Seul area.  People moved between the two areas via the waterways. My Uncle and Great Aunt and possibly more relatives are buried on an island nearby with many others. There are also people buried in the Forestry Road area of Red Lake, Post Narrows, and other places yet to be marked.  At last, something will be done to preserve, save these sacred sites and keep people from building over top of them. It was thrilling to meet  Professor of Archeology, Scott and Professor of Anthropology, Frederico, from Lakehead University.

I also spent some time with an old friend, Roy Dahl, who has been contracted to write a book about the Lac Seul/Red Lake corridor history of the Anishinaape people and hope to be of some help to him.  He is interested in family stories of these areas. Roy grew up in Red Lake but he now lives in Yellowknife with his family and has had a life of journalism and broadcasting stuff.  We reminisced about the radio station that he ran here in Red Lake back when we were teens.  I don’t believe we’ve had one since.

The sun is a hot September sun

that purifies us with its heat

as the water takes us gently

to the place that we need to be

and then we’re there

among the tall pine trees

that shade us and cool our skin

while below us, the mossy carpet

allows for a soft place to rest

and amongst the pine’s cones and needles

we visit with those who sleep

but they are here with us

in the wind that whispers in the trees










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