Childhood Things

My mom’s memories are totally in her childhood and I, myself, find my memory straying back to the good old days.  I hate the disease that she has and that she is confused and scared and frustrated.  But, one of the best ways for me to cope with everything that I go through and have gone through is by enjoying some of my childhood favourite pastimes.

Archie comics are the best!  I don’t know if any kids these days read Archie but I know there are other adults out there like me who still enjoy Archie, Betty and Veronica and the gang.  Archie has been my friend for years and is there when I need him.

As I sit here listening to 60’s on the radio, I’m smiling at the feel good songs and crying with the sad songs.  The music has lyrics that I can follow along with. It’s time to put on an album. I love my record player too!

I took my mom some colouring pages for adults and some markers this week.  Colouring is so therapeutic and fun.  I’ve noticed that she has been colouring and hasn’t hidden the pages away some where like she does to most of the things that I leave for her.  She doesn’t want her “nurses” to see things that embarrass her. I love colouring too and of course if you use paints it’s even better!

Nancy Drew, I love you!  Pippy Longstocking, you rock!


fall2012 103

oldpics 004

summer 2011 085


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