Light humour with dementia

For a few weeks now, every time I went to my mom’s house I noticed that the lamp in the corner was unplugged and moved to another spot in the room. Her answers to my questions about this were that the light wasn’t working so I changed the light bulb. And it worked. I plugged it back in.  The next time I went over the lamp was moved again.  She said the plug in was not working. I got another lamp in the basement and plugged it in and everything was good.

This kept happening, then she told me that she could hear a beeping noise coming from the plug in.  She thought someone was purposely trying to scare her. I assured her that no it wasn’t that and I listened for the beeping noise but could never hear it.  My husband changed the batteries in all of the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors because those things make beeping noises when the battery is dying.  We changed all light bulbs everywhere too.

This continued on and finally I gave up and left the lamps where she put them. I then noticed that she had covered the outlet with a lot of packing tape.  She said there was still a beeping noise coming from the outlet and maybe someone had put something in her body to keep track of where she goes.  I assured her that she never goes anywhere, just sits on the sofa!  She did get a kick out of that.

So finally one evening, I decided to sit in her spot on the sofa and stay there until I heard the beeping sound.  Sure enough, in a couple of minutes I heard it!  Everytime someone on the TV show “Ice Road Truckers” said a swear word, BEEP!!!!!

Mystery solved.  For me anyway.

But when I went to mom’s tonight she had moved the lamp again.

Sometimes you just have to laugh at dementia.



2 thoughts on “Light humour with dementia

  1. I have a daughter (whom you know, Kathy) who, while not experiencing dementia of the sort your dear mum has, is nevertheless a puzzle at times due to her pre-birth disability … I have learned to “go with the flow” of her thoughts (rather than becoming frustrated with her). As it always (and I do mean, always!!!) turns out, she is right because of her own fantastic way of seeing things – she just sees things differently – and more accurately …
    Through the years, I have learned to respect her decisions/thoughts on issues … she grabs incredible information and spits it back out to us in sometimes humorous, sometimes concerning ways … what a treasure … yeah, for sure, what a treasure…
    I would take a million daughters like Cheech and I would take a million moms like your mom over anything else the world could offer. Why? They call forth love and acceptance at such a strong personal level … they always gave, they always give, and they always will. We are so fortunate to be the recipients of that giving.

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