Put the Tree Up…Where’d it go?

About a week ago when I was at my mom’s, I decided I would put up her Christmas tree and maybe that would help her to remember what time of the year it is.  I did this last year and it worked. But last year my dad was there to remind her, too.

The tree is a little artificial tree with lights on it.  At one time it also turned around and around but that gizmo doesn’t work anymore. The tree is special because Ryan bought it for them a few years before he died and they always put up Ryan’s tree.

So I went down to the basement and found the tree and put it up in the living room and plugged it in and straightened out all of the branches.  I put out the Christmas cards that she has received and we both admired the little tree together.

The next day when I went to the house, the tree was gone. The cards were gone too. I eventually found the tree downstairs again. I haven’t found the cards. Mom doesn’t even remember that the tree was ever upstairs or that she has received any cards.  Back to square one.

Yesterday, I thought I would try it again so I retrieved the tree and put it back up in the living room.  We admired it again.  Today, the tree is gone.

I think I will wait until Christmas eve and put the tree up and put her presents under it!

By the way, since I changed the channel that she was watching to a different channel and she’s not hearing the beeping noise, the light hasn’t been moved…just unplugged.

I am learning to go with the flow of her life.


One thought on “Put the Tree Up…Where’d it go?

  1. Your words bring memories that make me smile.

    I like “I am learning to go with the flow of her life”. Well stated Kathy!

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