Here’s to 2016


What will 2016 hold for me? Like every other year, I guess it will hold changes and surprises.  I will just have to move forward and see.

Canada has a new government and a new Prime Minister. That is bringing changes already. Like every government, there are some things I like and some I don’t.  I am happy that Stephen Harper and the Conservatives are out.  That is all I’ll say on that!

My father passed away in 2015 which has totally changed my life again. He was a very big part of my life and so I am struggling to find the new me, now that he is not here. I realize that I did a lot of the things that I do because I always wanted to make him proud of me and to make him happy about his own life. I don’t have to do that anymore. I talked to him on the phone or in person every day and we discussed what was happening with my mom. I don’t have him here to talk to anymore. That is really different. I know with time I’ll get used to the new life.

My boys are grown but still kids and still need my advice. Even though they don’t ask for it, I give it freely. I know they really appreciate every word that I have to say….

My mom needs me the most right now.  She is all alone living with alzheimers and missing my dad. So I have kinda made her my top priority which means I have to let go of other things a little bit for now. I’ve made myself a routine which helps keep me sane and all is good.

So in 2016 there will be changes with mom. That is a given. We are waiting for a room to become available at “the home”. When she moves that will be a big change. Right now I can still pretend that everything is normal when I go over to the house, the house that I grew up in.

I have one more high school course credit to complete and then I will be a high school graduate! That will happen in 2016 at the ripe old age of 52! Better late than never!

And in a month we are off to Mexico for two weeks of fun and frolic. I’m really looking forward to that!

See you around in 2016!



2 thoughts on “Here’s to 2016

  1. Kathy …. here is a little gift for you … I never forgot many things your Dad said to me … but one especially stuck out in my mind … we (your mom, dad, and I) were at the trap line (oh, I will never forget their goodness to me) and there were a bunch of chickadees around doing what they do best … it was in the deep cold of Jan. … he said “ahhh, chickadees, always a welcome sight” …I have always loved chickadees in a special way since then … these little birds, so small, so tough, so determined to enjoy winter with us as best they (and we) can…
    Of course, when Cheech came along and her first mom Diane called her ‘little chickadee birdie’, my special love for your Dad’s words came home even more to me… this little one, so small, so tough, so determined to enjoy life with us, as best she can …always a welcome … always, always, such a welcome a sight …
    The beauty of the sun that day … the beauty of it all … I have met a lot of people over the years … good people … but they cannot hold a candle to the man and his wife, who loved, even chickadees.

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