Where’s the remote?

Yesterday’s visit to mom’s house:

Mom, where’s your remote?

What? (yelling from the kitchen)

Where’s the remote for the TV?  It was on the coffee table yesterday.

I don’t know. Look in the bedroom, maybe I took it for my nap.

Ohh, yes here it is. Whew.

Did you find it? Ha Ha, I took it in the bedroom.

Yep, got it. Okayyy, remote is not working. (pointing it at TV and pressing power button ten times)


The remote doesn’t seem to be working… (banging it on my knee)

How will I watch TV?

Maybe the battery is dead. I’ll change the battery. I think dad had some batteries in the basement.


I’m going to change the batteries. (Why do I say things out loud?)

Where are you going?

I’m just getting some batteries.  Yayy there are batteries here. (changing the batteries)…ohh crap, still not working. Something is wrong.

What is it?

I don’t know, let me just try to turn on the TV. Where’s the button? I don’t have my glasses. I think this is it. No still not working. Let’s just look around here…ahh yes, the TV is unplugged.

Why is it unplugged.

I don’t know.  But there the TV works again.


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