Walking to Mom’s

I’ve been walking to my mom’s house for about six months now. I started when my dad got sick and was in the hospital and Rick had the car for work. We have one car. Walking to that end of town from my end takes only about 15 minutes so I figured that it would be good exercise to start walking there every day which would give me about 30 minutes.

Walking to mom’s has brought back many childhood memories, because I walked that sidewalk to school everyday for thirteen years. We tried not to step on the cracks and break our mother’s backs. There were some scary houses that we passed where we were sure scary people lived. There were dogs that followed us or got into dog fights beside us. There were snow banks that we sat in or were pushed into.

My girlfriend and I would walk back down that sidewalk in the evenings to go and hang out with friends downtown or go to the Silver Grill Cafe or Lakeview Restaurant to have iced tea and fries. I would walk down that sidewalk holding hands with boyfriends to go on dates to the theatre or to the restaurants or the pool hall. When I had my children, my mother and I would walk down that sidewalk pushing strollers that held laughing or sleeping babies.

Now I walk that sidewalk to go home to look after my mother. But I can smile as I walk.


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