Dancing in the Kitchen

Oh woe is me. I’ve been invaded by an army of germs that have taken over my body and especially my head.  But today, I see some progress. It is slow but it is progress. And I know that I will recover as it is only a cold. It makes you realize how vulnerable you are and to appreciate good health. Anyway, I am able to dance in the kitchen whilst I cook up a masterpiece again and am thankful for that.  Soon, I hope I will be able to add some  red wine to that dance and all will be well again. I’m tired of whining.

So I haven’t been over to see my mom too much, because I don’t want to get her sick and thankfully my son has helped out so that we can get groceries and medications. Mom continues to phone me. My phone number is the only one that she remembers and yes she uses it sometimes five times a day. And that is a good thing. She just called me awhile ago to tell me that her furnace won’t shut off and that she’s hot and that Rick put a cover on the thermostat so she can’t turn it down. I laugh because Rick is getting blamed but I made him put the cover on the thermostat and I have the key.  We had to do this because mom kept turning the furnace off and then she would get cold and turn the elements on the stove on to heat the house. I will go over and adjust the setting on the thermostat because it is warming up outside.

There is a long waiting list to get into the Lodge here in town. We are trying to keep mom in her own home until there is an opening. She functions best in her own home as it is what is familiar to her. Things will change, though and could at any time. Alzheimers is a terrible disease. Mom asks me all the time if she is going crazy and I just tell her that she has a disease and that her memory is not good. Then she asks me it again two minutes later.

The good news is that spring is on its way to the North.  The sun is shining outside. We were able to drive a long way down a previously snow covered road last weekend and soon mom and I will be able to go for our walks. I look forward to that!




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