Is Suicide Preventable?

This is what they say. Suicide is preventable. And I like that.  And I get it. With education on suicide awareness and prevention, with supports and resources, suicide can be prevented. That’s why I’m part of our youth suicide prevention committee in Red Lake, called the Life Savers.

I wish I could have prevented my son’s suicide. I wish that every day of my life and I wonder what I could have done.

Is suicide something you are born with? Is it like a disease that you can get and have no choice about? Is it a contagious disease? Once suicide is in your mind, is there any turning back? Do the drugs and alcohol that people use cause them to become suicidal or are they suicidal and use the drugs and alcohol to deal with the pain that they have in their lives?

It saddens to me when I hear of another young life gone. Gone by suicide. And I know of all the emotional debris left behind for those who loved that person. Because life as we know it, is never the same again. And suicide is always there.


3 thoughts on “Is Suicide Preventable?

  1. The absolute thrill and joy of a child … the immensity of it all … the incredible beauty of it all … life beckoning to life… grand, glorious, pathways walked together …strewn with the combined joy and hope and love found together… little, or big … baby or grown … loaded with problems or carefree …what joy … what immense happiness …never to be taken from us – oh, no, never … even should our child die expectantly, or not expectantly … even if someone convince them they are more or less than they really are … still, the unending beauty continues … seen in the icon of the mothers and fathers who love .. love forever.. .standing, strong, pained, joyful – it all is so wonderful. Not based on economics, or the latest of fads … based only on this precious true love.
    My bundle of incredible joy and I, send our hugs and love to you, Kathy … and sure hope to see you all in June.
    Your big sister’s friend, and now yours…forever …

  2. Have you ever been to a suicide community? Alt.Suicide.Holiday, Alt.Suicide.Bus.Stop or Sanctioned Suicide?

    You see, I’m planning on exiting and any time I hear people talk about suicide prevention I feel weird. It’s as if we’re not speaking the same language. You talk about saving lives, we the suicidal people talk about bodily autonomy and freedom. Before we try to prevent suicide, before we pass judgments, let’s read the philosophy behind. It’s a harrowing subject, I know. I don’t think we can ever heal those wounds until we confront it though.

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