Goldfish Drama

I had the inspirational idea to get my mom some goldfish so that she wouldn’t be alone in the house and have some cute little fishies to watch swim around.

As she said, “Poor Kathy, I think this was the worst thing you’ve done.”

Yes well, not going as expected.  I always have beautiful images in my head and fantasies of how something will work and everything will be wonderful!  Ya, then get shot down.  But better to have tried then to not have tried.

So on Saturday, we went to the pet store and picked out two cute fish and a fish bowl and all the apparatus that goes with it.  I set it up at mom’s while she sat on the sofa telling me in an angry tone, how much she did not want the fish, cleaning the fish, looking after the fish, feeding the fish etc.

I just kept on with my plan and got everything ready.  Had to leave the fish tank empty over night so that the water would warm up and leave the fish in a little jar. I think I woke up about three times that night wondering if the fish were still alive. And they were. The next day, I stopped in to check and they were alive and well so I carefully put them in the tank and joyously watched them swim to and fro happily.  Named them Justin and Sophie after our most beloved Prime Minister and wife. However I don’t know if they’re males or females.  Mom was still a little cranky but not as much.

The next day when I went over, the tank looked a little cloudy. “I fed the fish,” mom said.

“Oh good,” I said.

I’ve since put the fish food away where she hopefully won’t find it and hope and pray that the Justin and Sophie don’t explode from all of the food they ate. So far they’re okay and mom hasn’t complained.


One thought on “Goldfish Drama

  1. Oh Kathy! I chuckled as I read this. Having been through the alzheimers world with my own loved ones , your stories bring back memories that I can now laugh at.

    I love reading your words.

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