Sophie the Goldfish R.I.P.

Yes sadly, we lost Sophie the goldfish. Mom called me and she was crying. My mom never cries, or lets anyone see her crying, rather. So I left work to go to her house and dispose of Sophie. I ended up taking the fish tank, with Justin in it, to my house so we don’t have to go through another death. Oh well, it was worth a try.  I thought mom would enjoy watching the fish and having company, and she did. But yes, they do die and having someone with dementia looking after them didn’t work out too good. So, what next? I have been told by a friend that her mom who had alzheimers loved her teddy bear, so maybe that will be the next thing to try?

Spring is slowly entering our lives. The weather is getting nicer and that is a big help for mom. She has been in the house all winter, except when someone takes her out. Now she is able to go out and sit on the deck.

When you visit mom, she will follow you to the door as you leave and stand out on the deck and watch you leave and wave. As I leave, I walk up to the main street and wave to her through the buildings in her neighbour’s yard.



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