A Visit from Ryan

Last night I dreamed that Ryan was in the hospital. He had been gone a long time and was found. I went to the hospital and he was in a children’s room in a large bed and I could see him through a large window with other children in the room as well. Ryan was about 12 years old.

He was looking towards the window and then he saw me and got out of the bed and came out of that room with all of the other children. There were other parents there waiting to get their children too. When he came out of the room he looked like his 21-year-old self, with a goatee. We hugged each other tightly and he said, “I will never take life for granted again. I will appreciate each day.”

I could feel him. I could feel his should blades. It was so good. I was so happy.

Hug your children. If you can’t physically hug them, then hug them in your heart.

ryan 001


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