Dad’s been gone one year

It’s been one year since Dad passed away. It has flown by because I have been kept busy with mom.

Hard to believe Dad. I hope you are happy with the way that things are going. Your bills are being paid on time, mostly. The lawn is being mowed and the driveway shoveled. Auntie Ethel phones mom regularly to chat. She’ll be 91 this summer. I would love to go and see her. Cousin Olie phones her as well and stays at the house with her when he is in town for church services. Her friends Sopena and Bernice still visit her too.

Mom is still in the house waiting for a room to come available at the Lodge. She is doing alright. She misses you and it’s hard for her because she can’t remember that you passed on to the spirit world. She still waits for you to come home. But she is okay and will be okay because she is loved. Like you were.

Auntie Mary recently passed on too. I hope you get to spend time with her and Uncle Tommy. I hope you get to spend time with Shirley and with Ryan. I hope you get to spend time with your parents.

I miss seeing you drive by, slowly, very slowly. I miss your phone calls asking me to look up something for you on the internet. I even miss worrying about you when you don’t return home from the bush and I have to go looking for you.

It’s not the same without you. Take Ryan fishing! We’re okay.

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