With Respect

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Mom phoned me the other night just as I was making supper at my house. “I can’t turn the TV on,” she said.

“Press the red button at the top of the remote and point it at the TV,” I said.

“I’m doing that but it doesn’t work.”

“Ok, I’ll be over in a few minutes.”

This happens periodically and has over the past few years. Dad always had control of the remote and changed channels. Since he passed she has learned to press the red button to turn it on. Strangely she does not change channels anymore which is awesome because she would really screw things up when she used to try to do that. I  can put the TV on a channel that I know she will enjoy and leave it there. This time when I went over to see what was happening with the TV, I discovered she was using the remote for the DVD player. The TV remote was in the bedroom where she left it when she went for a nap.

A simple fix. Put the DVD remote away where it won’t be used. It would be great to have a remote from my house that I could use to turn on her TV and change channels for her. Maybe there is such a TV that can be programmed for people. That would be cool.

At one time she told me that she was trying to phone me but all she kept doing was changing the channel on the TV. She was using the remote to phone me. She is now good with the phone too. My number is the only number that she remembers and uses. Sometimes she uses it a lot.

But I always try to be respectful, because I know it’s not easy for her to have memory loss. Yet, I have a giggle to myself.




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