The Time has Come

It is here. And now that it is here, it is terrifying. I have been waiting for this moment but at the same time dreading it. Mom will be moving into the Lodge next week. It has been a year and a half since dad passed away. She has been alone in the house, somehow managing for that time. Her being in the house has also kept dad alive for me. It was almost like time stood still for awhile.

I have written a lot about the things we have gone through, sad and funny times. I will always remember the times I had with mom when she was in the house. It will be different now for me as well. What will I do with the extra time I will have? I’m not sure yet. I guess I will try to give myself time to adjust to the new experiences we will have.

I will continue to visit mom regularly of course and take her for rides and walks. It will just be different.


4 thoughts on “The Time has Come

  1. Kathy and family …
    My mind is blank – like a white sheet of paper with no words on it – sometimes, not often, but sometimes, I just have no words … but I have tears … and memories … it is a time of silence for me.

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