The house

This is the house that I grew up in. It is small by today’s standards, just two bedrooms and then one was added in the basement. This house was build by father in 1960, I believe. he was never one for renos or updates. It looks the same today as it did when I was a kid. My father was frugal to say the least. And yes, I take after him in some ways!

We actually didn’t have water and sewer until I was about 12 years old. Before that, mom had to collect snow in the winter and rain water in the summer to use for washing and baths She would also walk to a town well down the street to get water before my dad dug a well in our yard. I think he had to dig three wells in order to get one that had water.  He was obviously not a diviner either.

We had an outhouse by the street at one end of our driveway. Apparently the honey truck came by weekly to empty the outhouses back then but I don’t remember that part. My dad then built a duplex outhouse in the back yard corner that we shared with our neighbour! How weird is that??

I think the happiest moment of my childhood was getting indoor plumbing. That didn’t happen easily either. My dad hated to spend any money so he did finally hook us up to town water but we didn’t have hot water until at some point my older sister’s husband, who worked for hydro hooked us up with a hot water tank. My brother installed a hand held shower gizmo and voila! We could shower! I’ll tell you more about that later.

So many memories in this house: happy, sad, angry and fearful; a life lived. As I spoke to a friend today, we both realized all of the ghosts from the house that are now finding rest in my heart. Dad was able to live in the house until that moment he got sick and the ambuland took him to the hospital. Shirley spent her last month at the house until her cancer forced her to go into the hospital where she later passed. Ryan sat on gramma and grampa’s sofa every day after work until a few days before his death. And of course so many babies were raised in this house!

Mom has moved from the house to a place where she will be safe, cared for and ok. Dad can rest, my sister Shirley can rest, my son Ryan can rest. I can rest.



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