One month at the Lodge

It is still up and down, but the ups are more often than the downs. It is a different part of her journey and mine as well. She still asks me why she is there and when she will be getting out. I tell her the truth now because that seems to pacify her. I tell her that her memory is not good, that she has a disease called alzheimers and the doctor feels she needs to be in the Lodge.

Last Saturday, while I accompanied her to lunch, my husband hung some pictures up on the wall in her room. They are still there. The pictures that we put on the dresser have all been taken down and put away. The clock that was on the dresser was taken down and put away. We will slowly hang more of the pictures, that were hanging in her living room, on her walls.

She is socializing more with the other residents and sits in the lounge. I’ve taken her out for lunch and my cousin has taken her for an outing as well. I’m hoping to take her to church on Sunday. She receives phone calls because her phone is now connected in her room.

I see other family members visiting their loved ones and there is support there between us. We are all going through similar experiences; that helps. When she was at home, at times it felt like there was just her and I locked in a strange dream. I now see a lot of caring people and it is good.


2 thoughts on “One month at the Lodge

  1. Kathy & Junie…

    This is good! Spring will come soon…insisting, in it’s arrogant youthfulness on chasing away mud, and snow, and other cling-ons from the long, long winter ..

    June Cheech and Stan

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