Why did he do it?

I’m tired of asking why.

Why do people kill themselves?

Why do little children get cancer?

Why do men rape women?

Why do people have to starve?

Why are there wars?

Why am I asking why?

Trust and faith.



A Walk with God

I found you in the forest

When I searched for you

I guess I should have known you’d be there

You weren’t lost; just me

All around you spoke to me

And calmed me with your words

That sang in the wind through the trees

And all around you showed me

that you were waiting for me

As the butterflies and dragonflies lead me

to where I needed to be


My trip to the Big City

I’ve avoided Toronto for 54 years, but this year I went for work related reasons. I was very pleasantly surprised! It was beautiful and fascinating. People were walking, running or on bicycles in the bicycle lane. The trolley car went up and down our street! I loved it but did not ride on it. Maybe next time. We also went to the subway station to have a look. All new to this girl! The harbour was gorgeous which is what made the city so pretty to me. I need to be near water.

Everyone was very friendly. It wasn’t scary. I look forward to going back to this city! So much to see and do!













Red Lake history

Before he was a trapper, before he was a fisherman, after he was a farmer, he was a prospector. He also had his own airplane twice, crashing the second one into the ice on a frozen lake. He survived but his plane didn’t. It’s still in the bottom of that lake.

Some interesting papers and books I have found when going through his belongings. I miss this crazy guy.

You’ll notice in one document, he worked for Dr. Gloster. Dad and his buddies did work (staking claims)  on Dr. Gloster’s claims. Dr. Gloster’s son is now a doctor in Red Lake.



The surreal world continues……… — Which me am I today?

I had traumatic weekend of decision making on something else and was always going to end up hurting soemone and was sad when the decision was made, but yesterday I found myself having to put that behind me and heading down to London for another surreal WOW moment since writing my book with Anna. The […]

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Visit with Ryan

It’s peaceful here today. Spring has arrived. The snow is melting. I come to visit my family and friends. I visit my son. It is a place of quietness where I can talk to him. Even though I talk to him all the time wherever I am. It’s different here for some reason. It may be because of all those who lay nearby. Maybe it’s the finality of death here, the reality of it.


Peace please

For those who have lost a child today

I pray for peace

to find its way to your heart

amidst the confusion

the anger the hurt the pain

that a little peace

will come and light

a candle for awhile

that questions never answered

will somehow come to sense

somewhere in your soul

to give you peace and rest

that anger to the world, the Creator

may only  bend not break you

that God will show you love

and give you a peace

beyond understanding